We’re an asset management company striving to become a leader in the distressed charged off debt market. Through innovation, new collection techniques and by meeting the requirements of regulators both state and federal MarCas Asset Management will become an industry leader by treating our debtors not as individuals with an obligation but clients in need of help to build a better future.


Together we all grow!



MarCas Asset Management is a full-service third-party debt collection agency that assists creditors with resolving account balances. We are licensed debt collectors in each of the jurisdictions in which we resolve accounts. We strictly adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, to provide our clients and consumers with compliant and ethical debt collection services.

MarCas Asset Management is committed to treating each consumer with respect and assisting consumers with structuring a positive resolution of outstanding debts due. If you feel that you have encountered harassment from a receivables management firm or a representative has acted unprofessionally, failed to treat you with respect, or did not clearly outline your options, please email us at emmanuel@marcasassetmanagement.net. Please include reference number, name, date of the call, and name of collector.